Each of us is here with a mission or goal, and our date of birth holds the key to unlocking this purpose. The day, month, and year conceal important secrets that guide us toward our mission or destiny. Interpreting the Code of Inner Strength is significant to align your life with the divine purpose.

The Matrix of Destiny is an extraordinary tool that unveils insights into our divine mission. Among its significant calculations is the Code of Inner Strength. This code is a mystical combination of energies, aligning with the transformative principles of the Tesla code—always adding up to 3, 6, or 9.

Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the layers of wisdom embedded in this unique and profound code.

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Code Of Inner Strength Destiny Matrix

Matrix of destiny, also known as Matrix of Fate, is a powerful method we use to calculate code of inner strength. Steeped in karma and past incarnations, this profound approach enables us to explore and live our energies in diverse ways. 

Embracing both the positive and negative manifestations of energy, the Matrix of Destiny acknowledges the dual nature of our world. High-frequency energy brings joy and growth, while low-frequency energy, though potentially complicated, serves as a necessary force for growth.

The Arcana cards embedded in the Matrix of Destiny provide profound insights into the energies required for this transformative odyssey. Each card becomes a beacon, guiding individuals to harness and utilize their energies at advanced levels, paving the way for the realization of their destinies.

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Code of Inner Strength 6 12 18 Meaning

Code of Inner Strength 6 12 18 emerges as a numerical symphony, resonating with the profound principles of numerology and Tarot. This unique code holds transformative significance across various facets of life. Let’s unravel the secrets embedded in this code and explore its implications on love, career, relationships, money, health, and spirituality.

Number 6

In the initial phase of the Code of Inner Strength, represented by the number 6, individuals embark on a transformative journey focused on the first 40 years of their lives. This period serves as a crucial foundation for self-discovery, encouraging individuals to delve into their values, beliefs, and philosophical foundations.

Money or Financial Realm

The Code of Inner Strength’s number 6 energy carries distinct attributes when aligned and unaligned. When 6 energy is aligned, individuals may find themselves facing significant financial decisions. This period demands careful consideration, as choices between substantial expenses arise.

The crucial aspect to bear in mind is the apparent dilemma of having to choose between one major financial commitment over another. Aligned 6 energy implies that opting for one path inevitably closes the door to an alternative, emphasizing the profound impact these choices may wield on one’s financial landscape and future.

Conversely, when 6 energy is unaligned, a tendency toward impulsive financial choices and a lack of responsibility in financial matters may surface. Individuals with unaligned 6 energy may make hasty decisions without considering the long-term consequences. This impulsivity can lead to challenges in maintaining financial stability and achieving long-term monetary goals.

The key lies in aligning 6 energy to foster a more thoughtful and responsible approach to financial decisions, ensuring that choices made today contribute positively to one’s financial well-being and future prosperity.

Love and Relationships

In the realm of Code of Inner Strength’s number 6, the energy of The Lovers tarot card takes the spotlight, urging individuals to get clear about their values and beliefs. 

Aligned with this energy, you navigate the journey of self-discovery, establishing a belief system and staying true to authenticity. The choices made are rooted in love, both for oneself and others. The Lovers card encourages unifying dual forces, creating harmony and wholeness in decision-making.

However, when the energy of 6 is not aligned, relationships may face strain and communication challenges. The individual might grapple with moral dilemmas, and their values system may be tested. 

The Lovers Reversed signals potential disharmony within, where inner conflicts and struggles may lead to decisions not in alignment with one’s values. It advises against cutting corners and encourages a return to personal beliefs for guidance. 

In relationships, The Lovers Reversed may indicate a lack of mutual feelings or the need to reassess if values are no longer shared. The key lies in recognizing and honoring one’s values, fostering self-love, and making choices rooted in authenticity for a harmonious life journey.

Health and Well-being

Aligned 6 energy may bring attention to potential health issues related to pairs of body parts, such as the skin, eyesight, and hearing. The Lovers card, representing 6 energy, signifies connections and speaks to the intricacies of connective systems like veins, arteries, and nerves, suggesting that issues in these areas may manifest.

Moreover, communication problems might arise, urging individuals to be attentive to expressing their health concerns effectively.

Aligned 6 energy also signals a need for rest and recuperation. It may indicate short-term illnesses or acute conditions being brought under control, emphasizing the importance of taking time to recover.

However, diseases associated with an excessive focus on body image, such as eating disorders or obsessions, may surface when 6 energy is unaligned. Plastic surgery mishaps and challenges related to self-perception could contribute to health issues.

Talents and Creativity

The Code of Inner Strength’s number 6 energy sheds light on various aspects of personal expression. Aligned 6 energy signifies leadership qualities, success, and the harmonization of passions.

Individuals with this energy may experience popularity, progress, victory, and enhanced self-confidence. The energy encourages the pursuit of dreams, emphasizing that inspiration and motivation outweigh doubts and fears.

Aligned 6 energy in talents and creativity suggests that one’s efforts will be recognized, and there will be admiration from others. This phase encourages individuals to move confidently toward their aspirations, gaining the respect and acknowledgment they deserve. It’s a period where leadership qualities shine, and success follows sincere endeavors.

On the contrary, when 6 energy is unaligned, talents and creativity may face challenges. The reversed tarot card indicates potential delays, a lack of recognition, and a struggle to achieve the rewards owed.

In this state, there might be a deterioration in the quality of creative pursuits, and efforts may be directed toward the lowest denominator. It serves as a reminder to focus on improving and maintaining the quality of one’s creative expressions to align with the positive attributes of the 6 energy.

Karmic Lessons

Karmic lessons associated with the number 6 energy revolve around the themes of responsibility, harmony, and balance in various aspects of life. Individuals influenced by the karmic teachings of the 6 energy are guided to learn valuable lessons related to their sense of duty, relationships, and the importance of maintaining equilibrium.

Aligned with the karmic teachings, those under the influence of the number 6 energy are prompted to embrace responsibility with a sense of dedication. It encourages a harmonious approach to fulfilling obligations, to oneself and others.

The karmic path urges individuals to seek balance in their actions, ensuring that their decisions contribute positively to their well-being and the well-being of those around them.

Karmic lessons associated with the number 6 energy also highlight the significance of fostering healthy relationships. This involves learning to navigate challenges within partnerships, family dynamics, and connections with others. The emphasis is on cultivating a harmonious environment where understanding, cooperation, and mutual support prevail.

Furthermore, the karmic teachings of the number 6 energy underscore the importance of balancing material and spiritual aspects of life. Individuals are encouraged to find a middle ground, avoiding extremes in their pursuit of financial success or spiritual growth.

The karmic journey prompts a mindful approach to material and spiritual realms, seeking a harmonious coexistence.

Number 12

The second purpose encoded in the Matrix of Destiny and represented by 12 unfolds after age 40 and emphasizes socialization. For those who effectively fulfilled the initial purpose, this stage transforms into a period of contributing to society. Conversely, if the primary purpose is neglected, individuals might face personal crises and a lack of objectives, motivation, and core values. 

Money and Financial Realm

The energy of the number 12, especially in money and finances, suggests a crucial need for a change in perspective. If financial matters have been a source of stress, pausing may offer a fresh outlook. It prompts introspection to transform challenging situations into opportunities and assess whether things may appear more dire than they are.

For those contemplating significant purchases or investments, the hesitation may lead to a perpetual state of indecision. There’s a cautionary note about the potential lack of returns on investments, extending beyond conventional banking institutions.

It could involve personal investments in endeavors like supporting a family member’s education or engaging in a side hustle that doesn’t yield expected results. The card signifies a sense of sacrifice gone astray, serving as valuable lessons for future financial approaches. 

Love and Relationships

In matters of love and relationships, the energy of the aligned number 12 underscores the importance of recognizing that love cannot be hurried.

It encourages individuals to steer clear of romantic pressures and advocates for the concept of sacrificial gestures for the sake of love. The aligned energy signifies a patient and understanding approach, acknowledging that genuine love requires time and commitment.

On the contrary, when the number 12 energy is unaligned, it prompts a need for new perspectives on love and hints at potential changes in one’s romantic life. This could signify a shift in how love is perceived or experienced, urging individuals to embrace transformations and consider alternative viewpoints in their romantic relationships.

Health and Wellbeing

In the realm of health and well-being, the energy of the number 12 may manifest as a sensation of being in a state of suspended animation, eagerly awaiting a solution to unfold.

Your current circumstances might resemble a complex knot, and you find yourself grappling to untangle it. It’s as if your mind is caught in a standstill, unable to progress forward or retreat. Yet, this period calls for surrender and patience, akin to a caterpillar awaiting transformation within its cocoon.

You might sense an upheaval, feeling somewhat inverted, but recognize that this is crucial for gaining a fresh perspective and spiritual growth.

The card encourages embracing uncertainty, trusting in the universe, and maintaining the belief that, ultimately, everything will harmonize and align as it should. This phase serves as an opportunity for spiritual metamorphosis and emerging with newfound strength.

Talents and Creativity

The energy of the number 12 might manifest as a struggle to find your footing and purpose. This phase can make you feel like you’re in limbo, suspended in uncertainty, and unable to make strides forward.

The sensation of hanging upside down may contribute to a feeling of being out of place and disconnected from reality, creating a sense of being at a crossroads without a clear direction.

This period may evoke a sense of urgency, as if time is slipping away, leading to missed opportunities and setbacks. However, with patience and perseverance, there’s an opportunity to swing back into alignment with your true path and purpose.

Take the time for introspection, reflect on your core values, and rediscover your internal compass. Through this process, watch as everything gradually falls into place, allowing for a renewed sense of direction and purpose.

Karmic Lessons

The karmic lessons associated with the energy of the number 12 signify a profound period of introspection and learning from past experiences, particularly during the phase beyond the age of 60.

It’s a time to release old mental models and behavioral patterns that no longer serve your well-being, facilitating a transformative change in perspective. The Universe may present pauses or challenges to prompt this introspection, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

The lessons involve a deep understanding of these ‘pauses’ and the ability to navigate through them with patience and trust in the universe. It emphasizes the importance of making choices that align with your true values and beliefs.

Resistance to change may lead to continued obstacles and a sense of being stuck, highlighting the need to embrace the opportunities hidden within these moments of reflection. The karmic journey at this stage involves releasing the old and embracing new perspectives, fostering spiritual growth, and allowing the unfolding of a purposeful and impactful existence.

Number 18

The third and final purpose within the Code of Inner Strength, represented by the number 18, unfolds as a culmination of the two preceding phases. This phase essentially emerges from the three missions or purposes within the Destiny Matrix, encapsulating the main themes to be worked on throughout life. Number 18 serves as a unique code, shedding light on the benefits or drawbacks that manifest beyond age 60.

Money and Financial Realm

Aligned with the energy of 18 individuals may find themselves facing uncertainties and a lack of clarity around financial decisions. This phase urges a deepening of financial knowledge and a commitment to gaining a clearer understanding of one’s financial situation.

It’s a time to cultivate transparency and honesty in financial matters, fostering a sense of clarity that paves the way for wise choices.

On the flip side, when the energy of 18 is unaligned, there may be a tendency towards deception or self-deception regarding finances. This could involve overlooking important details, engaging in financial practices lacking transparency, or experiencing confusion about one’s financial situation. It becomes crucial to address any deceptive patterns and strive for a more honest and clear approach to financial matters. Aligning with the lessons of 18 in the financial realm is essential for navigating this phase with integrity and ensuring a more stable financial future.

Love and Relationships

In the sphere of love and relationships, the energy of 18 brings forth a complex dynamic, where individuals may experience intricate romantic scenarios. Aligned with this energy, one may grapple with uncertainties about love or relationships, navigating through intricate emotional landscapes. The complexity of romantic interactions may require a deeper understanding and a commitment to honest communication.

On the contrary, when the energy of 18 is unaligned, it may manifest as deception, fear, and paranoia regarding love. Individuals might find themselves entangled in situations where trust is compromised, leading to heightened anxiety and uncertainty in their romantic lives.

This phase calls for a reassessment of relationship dynamics, emphasizing the importance of transparency, trust, and open communication to foster healthier and more fulfilling connections. Navigating the complexities of love with integrity becomes essential for those resonating with the energy of 18 in the realm of relationships.

Health and Wellbeing

Things may not be as they appear. This phase encourages individuals to rely on their intuition, as there could be aspects of a situation or person in their lives that are veiled in illusion. Trusting one’s instincts becomes crucial to uncover the truth behind these perceived illusions.

Moreover, paying attention to dreams gains significance during this period. The subconscious mind might be attempting to convey information that has been overlooked. Insights from the dream realm can offer valuable guidance and contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of one’s health and overall well-being.

However, when the energy of 18 is unaligned, individuals might find themselves overwhelmed by anxiety or fear. This emotional turbulence can adversely impact their outlook, leading to mood swings, instability, or feelings of insecurity.

It becomes imperative to address these emotional challenges, emphasizing the importance of maintaining mental and emotional equilibrium for overall health and well-being.

Talents and Creativity

The energy of 12 serves as a profound guide, urging individuals to trust their spontaneous feelings and the power of intuition. This phase encourages a deep connection with one’s inner self, emphasizing the importance of listening to the messages conveyed through dreams.

The key message revolves around personal empowerment—recognizing the unique ability each person possesses to change their perception of themselves and the world. Amidst any confusion or uncertainty, the energy of 12 advocates for a shift toward focus and clear direction.

This phase becomes an opportune moment to embrace one’s creative potential, replacing doubts with self-assurance and allowing intuition to guide the way.

By trusting the inherent creative instincts and intuitive nudges, individuals can unlock a wealth of untapped potential, fostering a transformative journey in the realm of talents and creativity.

Karmic Lessons

The number 18 prompts individuals to confront illusions and discern truth from deception. Moreover, it emphasizes overcoming uncertainties and fears. Individuals may be called upon to trust their intuition, recognizing that deceptive elements may cloud their perceptions. This lesson encourages them to cultivate authenticity, dispel illusions, and foster genuine connections.