Jupiter, often regarded as the great benefic, holds the key to protection, abundance, and luck in the cosmic realm. This benevolent planet, known for its expansive influence, promises to leave its mark on your spirit during its retrograde journey.

Starting on September 4 and concluding on December 31, 2023, Jupiter’s retrograde in Taurus presents a unique cosmic spectacle. When Jupiter goes retrograde, its expansive energy turns inward, urging us to reflect and grow from within.

It’s a time to revisit our studies, practices, and guiding philosophies that light our path through life’s challenges. While direct in Taurus, Jupiter blesses us with material growth and abundance, aligning with Taurus’ domain over finances and possessions. 

However, the deliberate pace of Taurus tempers Jupiter’s expansion, emphasizing a “slow and steady” approach. This synergy between the two brings forth an auspicious period of progress.

Let’s explore the potential pitfalls and missteps during this retrograde, and how you can harness the power of Jupiter’s introspective journey with grace and wisdom. 

Jupiter Retrograde 2023 What Not To Do

Put Your Travel Plans on Hold 

During Jupiter retrograde, travel plans may face unexpected challenges or delays. It’s advisable to postpone long-distance journeys or international trips if possible. However, if you must travel, ensure your itinerary is flexible to accommodate unforeseen changes.

Avoid Filing Lawsuits or Legal Cases 

Legal matters initiated during Jupiter retrograde tend to drag on and may not yield the desired outcomes. It’s wiser to seek alternative dispute resolution methods or delay legal actions until Jupiter turns direct for smoother proceedings.

Don’t Sign Business Agreements

Business agreements, like mergers, acquisitions, or franchises, involving expansion and growth should be approached with caution during Jupiter retrograde. Complex contracts may lead to misunderstandings or complications. If feasible, postpone signing until Jupiter resumes its forward motion.

Refrain from Applying for Higher Education 

Jupiter rules higher education and learning. Initiating academic pursuits during its retrograde phase may lead to challenges in acquiring knowledge or obtaining the desired educational outcomes. Consider starting your educational journey once Jupiter is direct.

Avoid Jupiter’s Planetary Hours

Planetary Hours, which divide the day and night into segments ruled by different planets, can be crucial during retrogrades. Steering clear of the Hours of Jupiter can help you align your activities with more supportive planetary energies.

Hold Off on Relocating to Another Country

Moving to a different country or making significant international changes may encounter obstacles during Jupiter retrograde. If possible, delay such moves until Jupiter resumes its direct motion for smoother transitions.

Review and Replace Beliefs 

Jupiter’s retrograde phase is ideal for introspection. Take time to review your beliefs, letting go of those that no longer serve you, and replacing them with empowering, evolved perspectives. This self-exploration can lead to personal growth.

Avoid Dogmatism

Jupiter’s retrograde period can amplify dogmatic tendencies. Be cautious not to rigidly impose your beliefs on others, as this may lead to misunderstandings or conflicts. Stay open to different viewpoints and engage in meaningful, respectful conversations.

Apply Wisdom Thoughtfully

During this retrograde, it’s crucial to exercise wisdom thoughtfully, avoiding unnecessary risks or tests. Make well-informed decisions based on careful consideration.

Astrology offers valuable guidance for making informed choices during this cosmic phenomenon. By adhering to the provided do’s and don’ts, you can mitigate potential challenges and align your actions with the energies of Jupiter for a smoother journey.

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Astrology serves as a guiding light, and we encourage you to embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth with curiosity and mindfulness.